Submissions Are Open!

Red Throat House is now accepting submissions of work from artists for consideration for publication.

Red Throat House is an online publication that showcases individual and collaborative artistic projects deemed by the editors to be “authentic,” “provocative,” “innovative,” or “cool.”

Red Throat House premiers new content weekly. Content for Red Throat House is comprised of commissioned projects and projects selected from submissions.

Submissions for Red Throat House are rolling. All submissions will be considered.

Red Throat House believes that some of the best art comes from testing boundaries, whether personal or conventional. Red Throat House also deeply invests in the value of artistic community. To that end, we prioritize efforts that are the results of collaborations between artists, mix two or more genres of media (ie, poetry and painting), or do both. However, submissions of any kind will be considered, and are valuable for pairing artists to work on projects.

To allow for adequate review of submissions, please limit submissions each time as follows:

Photography, Video, & Visual Art: 10 pieces

Writings: 1 longer piece, or 3-5 shorter pieces (ex, poems or “flash fiction”)

We want you to submit your best material, and material that you believe in. To that end, there is no restriction on the length or size of the projects you submit. However, we ask if you are submitting a larger project then that is all you submit.

To submit work, please visit the “Submit” page or email

amynkassamSubmissions Are Open!