my kitchen is a mess.
i’m chasing chickens back into the coop. don’t chase that rooster, look what he did to My Leg!

we’re eating a bowl of strawberries with our eyeballs coming and going in waves. the sun is being born. i know you want it. i know you won’t say it.

did you see those lights? you’re in prague. your half drunk beer is in the fridge

and our dead mouse is in the freezer.

when you turn around i put on red chapstick. fuck, turn around. turn a-round!

* and then i am back in this cabin and there are triscuit crumbs stuck to our butt cheeks and i am still bleeding

          canine teeth on a marble edge. my baby. my baby my baby.


We asked a photographer to take a portrait of a stranger inspired by a poem we received.


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Writer – Isabelle was born in New York City and then born again in Rome, Italy. If she were an animal, she’d be a hybrid mix of a deer, sloth, and iridescent two headed snake.

Photographer – Daniel Regueira is a University of Texas student and aspiring advertising-creative & photographer. He will work for breakfast tacos.

Model – Sarah Jasmine Montgomery is a journalism and geography major at the University of Texas. She started writing poetry at an early age, but fell in love with photography and the art of journalistic story telling in high school. She writes and photographs for The Daily Texan and Orange Magazine and spends her free time thinking, pursuing creative projects and trying to get people to care about stuff.