Demon of Twisting Falls

Kaytie Nielsen made, a writer and director from the Dallas area, made a song. We helped her turn it into a music video.

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Kaytie Nielsen currently lives in Pittsburgh. She is working towards a BHA in Directing and Creative Writing at Carnegie Mellon University.

Morgan Edgerton is an Austin based artist pursuing a BS of Computer Science at the University of Texas with a certificate in Digital Arts and Media. She has won awards for her painting and mixed media art and began painting street art and murals in 2013.

Morgan and Kaytie have been working together on creative projects for several years, collaborating on music, visual art, and choreography.

Hannah Whisenant is an Austin based filmmaker and photographer. She studies film at the University of Texas at Austin and hopes to become a full time cinematographer, world traveler, and subsequent dreamer. AKA she doesn’t really know what life holds for her, but she’s looking forward to it.

Amyn & Ben are the co-founders of Red Throat House.

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