The Deep Nod

Zach Pic

Floating down a dingy canal
    On a mattress
Ivy covered walls surround.
I am approaching a low bridge
Where I smack my head    and I am gone.

In a train carriage,
Beside me sits the woman    with green lipstick

Who speaks in silk and whiskey

Into a phone receiver.
    I am flying out the window.

Hello? I’m looking for a horse,
Can you help me?
The blonde man takes my hand
With a smile like the starry dynamo.

The walls of the plastic city

Inflate and suffocate,
    But he leads me
To the lonely cabaret.

A woman sings baritone,

Her voice like a moss covered stone.

I am alone

The tune is a room

With revolving panels
    On the wall,
On the bed sprawled
    The woman with the green lipstick.

She holds in her hand

My Faberge Egg.
Gold and a glimmering green.
My everything.
    And then she swallows it.

I am on another train,
Interviewing an oil man.
The year is 1891    and the cigar smoke    devours me whole.

A pairing of illustration from Zachary Bobkoff and writing from Jake Webber. Originally from Manitou Springs, CO, Zachary is an Austin-based painter and visual artist. Zachary’s artwork has been shown in several exhibition spaces in both Austin, including Mindzai and The Belmont. Jake Webber is a writer and poet from Austin, TX. His work has been published in the Sorin Oak Review.

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