Chopped & Screwed

We present the following pairing of words from Rebar Niemi and photos from Levi Lemaster.


Fabled youth & beauty will soon take its leave
Cruel masters and mistresses, one and all
they are not worth our worry

at the end of the street,
a blur of dotty lights

If you asked come back I’d say yes

saying to myself: you deserve everything
saying to her: you deserve everything

I don’t know where she lives, but I guessed
and sometimes I look that  direction

They pour a drop of fine brown, a glassful of tasteful green
Dreams discussed and shared with no malice or misery

I have given up

my clearheaded dream
is a rotary engine that must be tuned

Thomas of Dealing the job and the name
Procurer, you don’t want to be found or acquired

Homeland of liquorice moonlight,
blessed maidens with curvy noses

I swipe my card to enter
the garden of delight and curios
tasting black pine tar from the tip of the spear

The northwest wind dips and chaws, deeply focused
A gathering of beauty and the instant relaxes

Dandies and marigold diamonds
stroll the besotted boulevard
Tom! Receive their bows with grace
Each one a bad bitch froze

Lime flavored liminal Tom-cat
Hop one line of co-ax like a border

I am the pawn of forces greater than my own
A vast host that made the hand tremble
And once I thought I saw it clench as if
to grasp that which it had lost

Pecking at his cuticles a clever bird in all night and green
One twist of muscle lost in the back of the palace,
the body as the sultan’s treasure trove,
your languid eye-shadows
stretch past and cloud our vision,

My only clearheaded thought for two weeks has been
Take this girl to the bird sanctuary


Levi Lemaster owns one or more cameras and lives in Houston, TX (@lemaster). Rebar Niemi lives and works in the I5 metro corridor of western Washington. His current subjects of contemplation are the Pacific Northwest, classical allusions, the Seattle Seahawks, and the tech industry.

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